Leadfeeder vs. Lead Forensics vs. Visitor Queue (ENG)

When Considering a Website Visitor Identification Software

When it comes to identifying companies that visit a website, there are generally 3 providers that lead the pack: Leadfeeder, Lead Forensics and Visitor Queue.

Having used these products and several others, I wish someone had put together a thorough comparison of the leaders; it would have saved me a ton of time. However, I couldn’t find one, so like any bored Marketing Professional I decided to do it myself.

In this comparison, we’re going to be looking at the following factors:

  • Reviews and rankings
  • Ability to identify companies (quantity, quality and frequency)
  • Set up
  • Features
  • Price

Reviews and rankings

One of the first things I always do when comparing vendors to use, is look at their reviews and rankings. G2 Crowd and Capterra are likely the two most popular platforms for reviewing SaaS products. Below, I’ve pulled in the rankings for each company on those platforms.

G2 Crowd


On G2 Crowd,it looks like Lead Forensics has the highest number of reviews, but ranks belowthe other two companies. Leadfeeder and Visitor Queue have an equal number ofreviews but Leadfeeder ranks .2 points higher.


OnCapterra, Leadfeeder and Lead Forensics are both at 4 starts but vary highly in their number of reviews. Visitor Queue has the highest ranking and a high number of reviews.

Ability to identify companies (quantity, quality and frequency)

I analysed the data set from 2 different websites for the 3 vendors and surprisingly, there were several variations. It appears this is caused by the source of their data. Visitor Queue andLeadfeeder use Google for their info, while Lead Forensics uses an in-housedatabase. Below you’ll find the results from this analysis.

Overall, it looks like Lead Forensics and Visitor Queue are even in this category as they seem to make up for each other’s shortcomings.

Set up

All 3 of these companies offer a free trial that you can use before moving into a paid plan. Visitor Queue and Leadfeeder offer quick access to this free trial that you can sign up for yourself.

They both use your Google Analytics to provide the service so you don’t have to add any additional code to your website. You can get an account set up in about 7-15 minutes. Further, both pull the previous 30 days’ worth of information for you so you have leads to work with right away. Once you complete your free trial,both drop you down to a lite plan and you can choose which paid plan is right for you.

Leadforensics while offering a free trial is a little more difficult to get set up.You have to fill out a contact form and chat with one of their sales reps via a phone call before you get started. 

Once you’ve talked to a sales rep you then have to complete the account set up process and add additional code to your website header. They also don’t backdate data at all, so you have wait for leads to start populating in the dashboard. Once you’re done your free trial, a member of their sales team will send you a quote for you to review.


Below, I’ve taken some of the most crucial features that are common amongst this type of software and compared them for these 3 companies.

To be completely honest, no clear winner for features they offer. I’d call this one a stalemate.


So, how much do these solutions cost?

Their pricing levels vary more than anticipated and Lead Forensics doesn’t even publish their pricing online. After doing some digging, I put together the following comparison.


They offer month-to-month and annual contracts (10% discount). Their monthly plans start at $59 USD for 100 leads and go up to $399 USD for 3000 leads. These prices include all features.

Lead Forensics

As previously mentioned they don’t put their prices on their website but I know that you have to be on an annual contract with them for the first year and then you can drop down to paying monthly. Their plans are anywhere from $199 USD to $1999 USD per month and you pay extra for contact records.

Visitor Queue

They offer month-to-month plans as well as annual contracts (20% discount). Their monthly plans start at $16 USD for 100 leads and go up to $160 USD for 1000 leads. For plans greater than 1000 leads,you have to contact them for special pricing. These prices include all features.

Based on pricing, Visitor Queue and Leadfeeder are the most attractive. Lead Forensics looks to be priced for larger organizations or enterprise level clients.

My recommendation

Based on all these factors, I would recommend Visitor Queue over Leadfeeder and LeadForensics. Visitor Queue performs well in all the categories and doesn’t have faults in a given area like the others do. I would recommend that LeadForensics is likely a better fit for very large, enterprise level organizations with >600 employees. Overall, here are my ratings.

Visitor Queue 9.4/10

Leadfeeder 8.2/10

Lead Forensics 8.6/10

As an ending note, all 3 of these companies offer a free trial, so I recommend you try them for yourself and run a side-by-side comparison!